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1 Effective SEO Techniques that Work in 2017

“In today’s rapidly shifting world, SEO techniques can change on a dime—and the worst part is that you might not even know it. Hacks that could have won you a front-page result as recently as 2016 are not only obsolete now, but they may even hurt your website’s rankings.”


19 Experts Reveal Their Top Tips For First Year Bloggers

“Your first year of blogging is like scaling a sheer rock face. Your biggest enemies are going to be fear and self-doubt.But everyone was once a first year blogger, even the experts.”


How we Hijacked Google’s SEO Guide Search Rankings

“I wanted to share some notes on an experiment my agency performed recently, which resulted in Google believing our website was the canonical version of their own search engine optimization starter guide PDF — and ranking us in place of their own content for “search engine optimization” and thousands of other phrases.”


Expert Interview Series: Sean Si

“I wasn’t really trying to stand out. Truth be told, I was simply a guy trying to write my heart out for what I believe in. Nothing more, nothing less. I was just amazed that what I wrote resonated with people and up to today God and You has more than a thousand readers a day.”

5 Google to Further Dilute Exact Match in AdWords; Will Ignore Word Order & Function Words

“On Friday afternoon, Google announced another change to the way exact match targeting works in AdWords. Matching for close variants — plurals, typos, abbreviations, adverbs and so on “


The State of Searcher Behavior Revealed Through 23 Remarkable Statistics

“One of the marketing world’s greatest frustrations has long been the lack of data from Google and other search engines about the behavior of users on their platforms.”

7 Top 5 Strategies That Will Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rates

“Every effort you invest into the design and promotion of your website has to do with the goal of generating more sales.”


Google “Fred” Update: Big Google Algorithm Update Links Related

“As you know, yesterday I posted about the big Google algorithm ranking update and it seems to be getting a lot more attention this morning as SEOs and webmasters dig into their rankings and traffic this morning.”

9 5 Basic Ways to Build a Serious Lead Generating Website

“While many businesses are eager to simply get a website up and running, not a lot of them actually invest the necessary time to first build a solid marketing strategy foundation.”


Skyrocket Your Social Shares With Help From Top Influencers

“When people think of blogger outreach they automatically think about reaching out to get social shares for their content!

This is so last year!

If you want to get a share from an influencer then you need to go over and above. You are in luck though because I am going to show you how not to sound like a sleazeball.”


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is a Filipino motivational speaker and is the head honcho, and editor-in-chief of SEO Hacker, an SEO Services Company, and God and You.

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