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“The robots.txt file is one of the main ways of telling a search engine where it can and can’t go on your website. All major search engines support the basic functionality it offers, but some of them respond to some extra rules which can be useful too. This guide covers all the ways to use robots.txt on your website.”


How To Use LSI Keywords For SEO

If you have a landing page that’s not doing so well despite having optimized metadata and a good number of backlinks & internal links – You may not have enough LSI Keywords to help Google understand more about your page and what its goal is.”


The Definitive Guide to Google’s Knowledge Graph

“You need to understand how to influence topics in the Knowledge Graph if you want to help Google understanding your content.


Copywriting: The Definitive Guide (2021)

“Copywriting is the practice of crafting written text in order to inform, inspire or persuade. In most cases, copywriting is used to increase sales and conversions. Mediums, where copywriting is implemented, include sales letters, blog posts, advertisements and social media posts.”


Wix vs. WordPress: The Key Differences and What Is the Best Choice for You?

“Having an online presence for your business or interests is imperative in our connected world, but what platform is best for you? If you’re just starting and thinking — how do I make a website? Where do I host it?”


“…SEO is a long-term game – monumental results will only be gained through multiple months or years of effort. This is why people aimed to take advantage of the system, doing unethical practices to gain results faster – in other words, a shortcut.


According to the Experts: 5 Technical SEO Trends to Watch in 2021

“To find out more about the state of technical SEO in 2021, we asked seven industry experts for their thoughts. The overwhelming answer? Keep doing what you’re doing.”


Google Crawl Budget Can Include All Your Subdomains

“Some may have thought Google will have different crawl budget allocations per domain, subdomain and so forth. But it really depends on the site, Google may or may not group all your subdomains on the same domain for crawl budget purposes.”


Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Updates: Should you be Worried About Them?

“In algorithm updates, there are some who win and some who lose. That is also why SEOs are always on high alert for disturbances in the search results and it is easy to panic when you see news or talks about unconfirmed algorithm updates. But should you really worry about them? “


“Google shows answers when the intent of a searcher is to expect an answer for a question and to provide a list of links to URLs when a query may be best answered by a page listed in its index.”


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