Growth Hacks Top 10

1Is Schema Stuffing The New SEO Spam?

“Whether you hand-code schema or automate it, avoid schema stuffing and take the time to understand how Google sees your content.”
2TikTok’s new ad product lets brands crowdsource content

““Creators are at the center of creativity, culture and entertainment on TikTok,” the company said in the announcement. “With Branded Mission, we’re excited to bring even more creators into the branded content ecosystem and explore ways to reward emerging and established creators.””
3Digital Marketing Statistics and Trends [2022]

“I rounded up these digital marketing statistics and trends with the aim of helping out small and medium-sized businesses to either jumpstart or improve their marketing efforts and strategies this 2022.”
4Three Reasons Marketing Leaders Turn to AI [Infographic]

“An infographic (below) from Oracle explores some of the major ways AI is enabling marketing teams to boost their performance. Specifically, it looks at three reasons marketing leaders are turning to AI: improving segmentation and personalization; lowering costs, reducing errors, and boosting productivity; and filling the sales pipeline.”
520 Content Refresh Case Studies & Examples: How Updating Content Can Lead to a Tidal Wave of Traffic 🌊

“In this post, we unearth 20 of the best content refresh case studies that we discovered on the web. Most of them are detailed teardowns, with before and after screenshots and our analysis of how the update helped the post rank.”
6Next Search Intent

“Satisfying search intent is a critical component of our daily SEO work. But if you’re not thinking ahead to what a searcher might look for after that initial query is answered, you could be missing out.”
7Inbound Marketing Trends: Website Design

“Website design trends continue to evolve, but the ultimate goal of creating the best possible experience for the user really hasn’t changed. We’ve just gotten better at reaching users where they are, addressing their needs and making websites more accessible for everyone.”
8How to implement structured data (schema) without needing a developer’s help

“Schema, or structured data, uses JSON-LD to clearly communicate to Google what the important things on a page are. Essentially, effective implementation helps remove the guesswork for Google related to what type of page a user or the bot is on (e-commerce product, article, recipe, FAQ – etc.) – as well as what the important parts of that page are (author, price, ingredients, steps, question, image, etc.)
They’re like highly informational labels.”
9How to Optimize Your Structured Data for SEO and Semantic SEO

“This Article is written in honour of Bill Slawski, one of the greatest SEOs of all times; where his career started before the word SEO became a thing and before Google existed. Bill was a specialist in semantic SEO and google patents. Bill was a mentor for me and thousands of SEO enthusiasts worldwide.”
10SparkToro & Followerwonk Joint Twitter Analysis: 19.42% of Active Accounts Are Fake or Spam

“TL;DR – From May 13-15, 2022, SparkToro and Followerwonk conducted a rigorous, joint analysis of five datasets including a variety of active (i.e. tweeting) and non-active accounts. The analysis we believe to be most compelling uses 44,058 public Twitter accounts active in the last 90 days. These accounts were randomly selected, by machine, from a set of 130+ million public, active profiles. Our analysis found that 19.42%, nearly four times Twitter’s Q4 2021 estimate, fit a conservative definition of fake or spam accounts (i.e. our analysis likely undercounts). Details and methodology are provided in the full report below.”
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