Growth Hacks Top 10


1 How Many Outbound Links Per Word or Page? [Original Study]

“If you google for an answer to how many outbound links you should be seeing on your pages, most answers fall into one of these categories.”

2 Know Why: How to Beat Marketing Survivorship Bias

“Why does marketing advice suck? We all look for marketing tactics we can repeat.”

3 The Ultimate Keyword Research Guide – Step By Step Guide

“Keyword research is probably one of, if not the most important thing’s there is for SEO’s.”

4 How to Convince People to Click on your Links

“In two months time it will be 2016 already, and yet many (link builders) are still worrying about the fact that they are getting more nofollow links than dofollow.”

5 Investigating Google RankBrain and Query Term Substitutions

“A Google patent granted in August looks at how google might replace terms within queries, and I have some examples of how it rewrites some queries below.”

6 Setting Up Analytics for Single Page Applications

“For the uninitiated, single page applications (SPAs) are web apps or websites that load a single HTML page and dynamically update that page as the user interacts with it.”

7 Case Study: How I Increased my Email Click Through Rate by 842%

“I sent an email to over 3,000 people. Of the 749 people who opened it, not a single one clicked through.”

8 What Happens After They Click the Ad – A Guide to Converting Users on a Landing Page

“Tell me: How many sales people does it take to lose a sale?”

9 Carry your Customer Experience to Mobile

“This is the year of mobile, right? Wrong – that was 5 years ago! Mobile usage has been steadily increasing, and we have now surpassed the mobile tipping point.”

10 Why NASA’s Social Media Strategy is out of This World

“There are few businesses or organizations that have such a great, established social media presence as NASA.”


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