Growth Hacks Top 10


1 17 Experts Share Their Holiday Marketing Strategies

“t’s November and the holiday season is drawing near for US and UK businesses. Most businesses make the most out of these holidays and hope to get huge sales.”


Google Revamps Article Structured Data Documentation For AMP

“Google has completely revamped the documentation for article structured data in their developer section. It is really a complete rewrite, specifically to call out the differences between article markup for AMP pages versus article markup for normal HTML pages.”


The Ultimate Resource for Learning SEO

“Learning SEO is something anyone can do. And the best part is you can do it mostly on your own as long as you know where to begin.”


How We Use Guest Blogging to Build Relationships

“A guest post is an article that someone external to the organization writes for a blog. The Hubstaff blog has published guest posts from awesome influencers in the industry, like Vera from Workhoppers, Anthony of Sticker Mule, Joe of Collage, and so on. It’s an excellent way to build relationships, increase thought leadership, and share ideas.”

5 The Definitive Guide to Guest Posting Like a Pro

“Guest blogging has been an integral part of the SEO Process from the get-go. It’s a great way to utilize the limitless potential of the internet and all you have to do is use it properly.”


How to Perform a Comprehensive On-Site SEO Audit

“There’s never been a better time to be a white hat SEO practitioner than now. Not only has Google gotten better at identifying web spam with the Panda and Penguin updates, it’s also become more adept at understanding entities and context with Hummingbird.”

7 Forms Can Now Be Embedded in AMP Pages

“The Accelerated Mobile Pages project announced this week it has launched support for forms in AMP HTML.”


The Guide to Content Marketing Competitive Intelligence

“A marketer who’s thoroughly researched the competition should be able to list the key competitors – through competitive intelligence – in their industry and identify the significant differences between their businesses.”

9 Google drops the Content Keywords feature from Google Search Console

“It is official. After hinting at removing the Google content keywords report from Google Search Console, Google did it.”


Picture Perfect: 9 Ways to Make Your Blog Look Better

“Blogs are the best way to create content, in my opinion. You can write whatever you can think of and chances are there’s going to be a market for your thoughts.”


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