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Why Sites in High-Growth Industries Have Terrible UX

If you generate a $200 million quarterly profit with an online product, your website’s user experience must be world class, right? Wrong.


The Hotjar story (part 3) – growing our team & product while going from €1 to €3 million ARR

“When we founded Hotjar in 2014, we had an ambitious vision for our product, but we were also an unknown team of five with no external funding and little experience in the world of SaaS.”


Facebook confirms years-old messages are randomly coming back to haunt users

“Unless you actively delete the history between you and another user, Messenger retains the entirety of your back-and-forth conversations, stretching back years.”


A Step-by-Step Guide to Create Content That Attracts High-Quality Links

If you want to earn top-tier links, you can’t cut corners on the content you create. You have to do everything the right way.


What startups need to know about SEO and domain names

“If you are a startup, you cannot simply ignore the crucial factors of your business i.e. the domain name of your website and its SEO strategy.”


Two Facebook engineers built a tool to cut down on meetings. Now it’s a $900 million company

“There’s work, and then there’s the work that goes into doing your work. And a lot of workers spend more time on the latter.”


SEO Hacker Tool Review Round-up for 2018

“Along with new technologies and strategies, new SEO tools have helped us step up our game and create more efficient processes.


It’s Time to Get Serious About Regulating Tech

Although regulation is not a topic anyone wants to talk about, there comes a point at which it becomes necessary.”


The Hidden Potential Of Augmented Reality

“Such heavy investment in the technology indicates real potential beyond entertainment, and there are some people looking deeper into AR and how to combine it with other emerging technologies.”


SEO Strategies and Trends That Will be Big in 2019

“Speaking of the near future, 2019 is coming in very soon, and like every other year, new trends, tools, and strategies abound. “


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