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“Google officially rolled out the Speed report in Search Console. It has been a few months since Google announced its (experimental) Search Console Page Speed Report in Google I/O.”


Google Confirmed Search Algorithm Update Rolled Out

“Google has now confirmed there was an update but Google said it was a normal update like they do several times a week.”


Crawl Budget Optimisation Through Log File Analysis

“Log file analysis is one of those tasks you might not do often – due to data availability & time constraints – but that can provide insights you wouldn’t be able to discover otherwise, particularly for large sites.


The Bedlam Update [November 5-10, 2019]: What You Need To Know

“Google defines bedlam as “a scene of uproar and confusion” which I think is a good description of what I’ve been witnessing over the last week.”


Recovery from November 2019 Google Update

“According to Google, fixing things won’t help you recover. What does that mean?”


SEO Tips: Upgrade Your Content Strategy with NLP 

“Natural Language Processing is simply the area that focuses on the engagement between human language and computers. As simple as it may sound, there are many intricacies associated with it.”


How Do Search Engines Work and Why Should You Care?

“How do search engines like Google work, and why should you care?


New Reporting for Products Results in Search Console

“Today, we are announcing a new Search Appearance in the Search Console Performance report, which captures search stats for Product rich results on Google Search.”


JavaScript SEO 2019: Is Google Catching Up?

“Problems with content indexing, issues with crawling, or serving proper content to Google were addressed by a relatively new branch in SEO: JavaScript SEO.”


How Googlebot Crawls Your Pages

“You probably know log files are treasure troves. You can see how bots crawl your pages, which content is frequently visited, or vice-versa, ignored by bots. But often SEOs don’t know how to get the value of logs.


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