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“SEO can be quite the investment as it is a you-get-what-you-pay-for business… So, a good SEO agency will usually be a little pricey, but when you invest in SEO, you invest in being searchable, in becoming an industry leader, in ensuring that you solidify your reputation, in keeping up with the market, and other things.


Video Marketing: The Definitive Guide

“When you dig deeper, you realize that online video is a lot more than cute cat videos. In fact, consumers are using video to help them make decisions about what to buy and who to buy it from. 72% of consumers prefer to watch a video about a product than read a product description (HubSpot).”


How to Choose the Right SEO Agency for You

“When you pick an SEO agency for your business, think of shopping for a perfect pair of shoes. You wouldn’t grab the very first pair of shoes that you saw, would you?


How to Create a Winning Blog Content Strategy in 7 Steps

“There are more than seven million blog posts published every single day. In our study, we found that the majority (90.63%) of all web pages get no monthly organic traffic. At all. Without a clear strategy, you might end up creating blog content for the sake of creating it—without it getting any traffic and doing any good for the growth of your business.”


The Link Building Tactic You’re Not Using: Shallow Links

“Sure, your inbound link counts look good on that SEO tool, but all those links aren’t worth squat if they’re not pointing to the right pages.”


“If your business can reach those consumers with informative, relevant answers to their questions, those users will begin to see your brand as an authority on the topic. Down the road, those same readers you first attracted with a how-to guide could become customers and loyal brand advocates who spread the word about your products or services.”


Lead Scoring: What Is it and How Does It Work?

“Developing a new organizational structure when merging two or more businesses is a complicated affair, but if your new business is going to rely on its website to drive sales, leads, or audience engagement, then defining a website structure that preserves and builds upon the performance of any existing websites that the merging parties own should be a top priority.”


Social Monitoring and Social Listening: Are They Different?

“Many businesses make efforts in connecting and engaging with their audience through different social media channels nowadays. According to Hootsuite, there are 1 billion messages exchanged between people and businesses on Facebook Messenger. Furthermore, 70% of customers expect companies to use social media for customer service.”


How to Invest in SEO

“This post will not cover what SEO work is actually worthwhile, or how to determine your SEO strategy, or how to hire the right SEO, or what tools to use, etc. Those are all aspects of investing in SEO that very much depend on your unique context. That said, hopefully this framework will help you navigate those questions.”


“John said “At its core, technical SEO is (imo) extremely “basic.” The basics are critical. The advanced part is doing that at scale, and combining the elements strategically. Also, “basic” does not mean these things are easy or always obvious.””


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