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Google did not disclose security bug because it feared regulation, says report

It’s been a rocky summer for big tech: In the past year, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other technology companies have all testified before various House and Senate committees about their data and privacy practices, the risk of election meddling, and their possible conservative bias, among other topics.


Content Strategy Vs. Content Marketing: What’s The Difference?

“As an industry, we are great at talking about the work — we’re fabulous about sharing technical knowledge and new developments in search. But we’re not so great at talking about how we talk about the work.”


The SEO Cyborg: How to Resonate with Users & Make Sense to Search Bots

“SEO is about understanding how search bots and users react to an online experience. As search professionals, we’re required to bridge gaps between online experiences, search engine bots, and users.”


Google+ Shutting Down: What You Need To Know To Save Your Data

“While it may not have been as successful as its competitors, Google+ still has a dedicated following through the communities that have been established.


The Japanese philosophy of Kaizen can reinvent your daily routine

“They discovered a humanizing philosophy driving the manufacturer’s innovation, one that intrinsically motivated workers to change process, procedures, and themselves for the better.”


The high-risk, high-reward world of selling stuff on Amazon

“Amazon’s scale and open platform have drawn legions of vendors like Kazmi looking to turn cheap goods into a decent living. Amazon doesn’t disclose how many sellers operate on its platform beyond saying “millions,” but chief executive Jeff Bezos wrote in his most recent letter to shareholders that the company added 300,000 in 2017 alone.”


Does Author Authority Matter for Your Content and SEO?

“To many of us, it makes sense that Google would value the “EAT” (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) of content creators in its quest to judge the quality of content. After all, wouldn’t you rather get medical advice from a properly credentialed M.D. than from some blogger who keeps WebMD open in a browser tab?


The Powerhouses of the Internet Are Turning Hostile to Websites

“In a system that encourages monopolies, and demands those monopolies increase growth rate and extract ever more revenue (sans caveats or exceptions), we probably shouldn’t be surprised. But, we should be prepared.”


6 Great Examples of Brands Using Twitter Effectively

“With 46 percent of its American users accessing the app daily and 74 percent of them using the app to get news and information, it remains one of the quickest ways to reach and engage your target audience in real time.”

10 5 ways ignoring SEO could affect your bottom line

“There’s a common misconception that the financial benefits of SEO are not as clear as say, social media or PPC. But anyone familiar with SEO knows that it is highly measurable and in most cases even better value for money than both social media and PPC..”


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