Growth Hacks Top 10



“Both short-form and long-form content have their place in a successful content marketing strategy, and both can be very powerful tools in your marketing toolbox.”


The Complete SEO Competitor Analysis Checklist

“Competitor Analysis is a great way of finding strategies your competitors use and then you use it against them or better yet, create better strategies than those.”


Googlebot will soon speak HTTP/2

“In general, we expect this change to make crawling more efficient in terms of server resource usage.


How to master the art of inhouse SEO

“In SEO, what you know doesn’t matter as much as what you ship. The problem with shipping is that many in-house SEOs don’t have enough resources, leadership buy-in, and support to drive significant results.”


2020 Keyword Optimization Guide – Proper Keyword Placement

“Keywords are still important up to today. But its importance has greatly shifted from a simple, straightforward one to a more fundamental and overall technical approach.”


Google and the SEO Community: SEO Mythbusting

Google’s Martin Splitt and Barry Schwartz of RustyBrick discuss the relationship between Google and the SEO community

Google Webmasters YouTube Channel


Identifying Advanced GSC search performance patterns

“Google Search Console is by far the most used device in the SEO’s toolkit. Not only does it provide us with the closest understanding we can have of Googlebot’s behavior and perception of our domain properties, but it also allows us to assess the search KPIs that we work so rigorously to improve.”


Study: How Often Google Ignores our Meta Descriptions

“In the last few years, Google has been displaying content excerpts in the snippet over meta descriptions more and more.”


The SEO Cheat sheet for small business owners

“A plan of attack for small businesses without an in-house marketer”


10 SEO myths you should ignore

“At best, they’re slightly misleading. At worst, they lead you to waste precious time, money, and resources on things that will never improve SEO.”


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