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Thought Leaders Say Why HTTPS and Voice Search Will Rule the Roost in 2018

 “Digital marketing and stock markets share the same trait: they are constantly changing. What used to be the norm is obsolete only a few months later.”


Keep the Pace: Preparing for the Google Speed Update

“It has been proven numerous times that fast loading speeds help users stay longer in a website, ensuring that you have steady traffic and a lower bounce rate.”


Blockchain: A Very Short History Of Ethereum Everyone Should Read

“Even though Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency, it’s Ethereum’s aggressive growth that has many speculating it will soon overtake Bitcoin in usage.”


9 Emotional Hooks That Will Make Your Content 10x Better

“If your content hasn’t been converting the way you want it to, injecting some emotion could make all the difference.”


Budget Friendly Google Chrome Extensions For Your SEO Needs

“A good SEO strategy is even more effective through the use of a diverse selection of tools that get the job well done.”


The Biggest Mistake Digital Marketers Ever Made: Claiming to Measure Everything

“Unfortunately, while we were geeking out about attribution models and cross-device tracking, we were accidentally triggering a common human cognitive bias that kept us anchored on small amounts, leaving buckets of money on the table and fundamentally reducing our impact and access to the C-suite.”

7 Experts Share Best WordPress SEO Tips to [Boost Rankings] in 2018

“While the response to my SEO checklist blog post was tremendous, the one question that I was frequently asked was ‘how to SEO optimized a WordPress website?’


Health start-up Medopad raises $28 million after striking over $140 million in China deals

“The London-based company sells an app that connects patients with health-care professionals. It uses machine learning to analyze a patient’s data and detect life-threatening medical conditions.”


Are keywords still relevant to SEO in 2018?

“Anyone worth their salt in the SEO industry knows that a blinkered focus on keywords in 2018 is a recipe for disaster.”


How to Steal Links from Your Lazy Competitors

“You need to step outside of what everyone else is doing so that you can earn links that they don’t have, giving you a unique advantage in your organic search campaign.”


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