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How to Use Google Analytics for Social Media: A Beginner’s Guide

“But here’s one brutal truth about social media marketing: a large number of brands are unable to effectively measure the impact of their social media marketing efforts.”

2  The Best Mentors Ask These 8 Questions

“It’s hard to deny that good mentors are important. The best workplaces have formal programs to develop mentoring relationships. LinkedIn has even launched a feature to help you find one. And how to be a good mentor is a topic of perennial interest.”


Man Was Fired By His Company’s AI System Due To Human Error, As Managers ‘Stood Powerless’

“On the day that Diallo was technically fired, he got to work as usual and attempted to use his key card to gain entry to his work. The key card would not work, however, and Diallo also found out that he was locked out of his computer and applications. Later in the day, his recruiter said that they’d received an email notifying them that Diallo’s contract had been terminated. ”


 Why Your SEO Focus Should Be Brand Building

“Never get the benefit of the doubt. Need to earn twice as many links. And never resurface. Ever.


SEO Hacker 2018 Midyear Roundup

“As we prepare ourselves for the rest of the year, let us take a look back at some of these news, reviews, and guides that have shaped up the first half of the year.”


A guide to HTML and meta tags in 2018

“The difference between the two tag types is largely arbitrary, with the syntax for an HTML meta tag meaning it’ll contain the word meta within it, whereas a tag defined as a meta tag doesn’t necessarily have to.”


Build High Converting Landing Pages with These 36 Tactics

“Sure, we can benchmark our current conversion rates with how a specific landing page performed in the past. These types of time-based comparisons are helpful, but they’re never apples-to-apples.

8 An 8-Point Checklist for Debugging Strange Technical SEO Problems

“The very nature of these situations defies a checklist, but it’s useful to have one for the same reason we have them on planes: even the best of us can and will forget things, and a checklist will provvide you with places to dig.”


Brand SERPs You Really Should Be Tracking (and Improving)

“What they see when they search your brand name is vital. Their perception of your brand when that first page displays is a factor that could very well tip the balance in the decision they are making about doing or continuing to do business with you. “


How Google Optimizes the 2018 FIFA World Cup

“With this in mind, Google has launched new search features for the event itself, to provide users with some of the latest news, game scores, and top players of the World Cup. Here’s a quick look at how Google has optimized their services for the World Cup.”


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