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“These are hard times for most, but businesses also have the capability to adapt and change their current strategy to reach out to their customers by going digital.”


Reducing Digital Marketing Due to COVID-19? Read This First

“With a sudden and unexpected loss in revenue, many businesses are being forced into conversations on how they can trim budgets and maximize efficiency.”


How to Pause Your Business Online in Google Search

“Here’s an overview of our recommendations of how to pause your business online and minimize impacts with Google Search. These recommendations are applicable to any business with an online presence, but particularly for those who have paused the selling of their products or services online.”


Generating Local Content at Scale

“Building local pages in any amount can be a painful task. It’s hard to strike the right mix of on-topic content, expertise, and location, and the temptation to take shortcuts has always been tempered by the fact that good, unique content is almost impossible to scale.”


Getting Ready for Chasing Google Sitelinks

“Sitelinks have been around for over ten years helping users navigate to important sections of a website right from the SERP.”


5 Completely Sane Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Stop SEO Efforts During COVID-19

“Here are five reasons why you should absolutely continue search engine marketing efforts during these trying times.”


Google Finally Rolls Out the March Nofollow Update

“After announcing it in September 2019, Google made changes to the “nofollow” link attribute this month.


Google Search Ranking Algorithm Volatility

“May of the tracking tools that follow the changes and volatility in the Google search results have been spiking over the past couple of days.”


Schema for Coronavirus Special Announcements

“We have today published Schema Org 7.0, which includes fast-tracked new vocabulary to assist the global response to the Coronavirus outbreak.”


Google Announces Mobile-First Indexing for All Sites

“Google has announced that by September 2020, all websites will be crawled and indexed through mobile-first indexing.”


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