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Proven Link Building Tactics for 2018

It goes without saying, then, that anyone who wants to boost their website’s visibility in Google (and by extension, other search engines) needs to be investing in link building.

2 How to Earn Google Featured Snippets for Mobile: Large-scale Study

“Featured snippets are a lens into how Google sees the future of mobile and voice search.”


“Google can read texts, so understanding of the context, synonyms, related words and concepts becomes critical.”


Google’s New Algorithm Creates Original Articles From Your Content

“Whether you run a solo operation and personally handle every detail of a campaign for a small number of clients, or oversee a wide roster of projects as part of an agency, there are certain challenges that you will face in the course of your SEO career.”


The SEO Hacker Mobile Optimization Checklist

“This shift into a mobile-first approach is highly evident, as Google has rolled out updates like Google Speed to optimize mobile rankings, the increased focus on voice search and video content, and the integration of AMP in multiple websites.”

6 What Google’s GDPR Compliance Efforts Mean for Your Data: Two Urgent Actions

“While most legal departments will be considering the direct impacts of the GDPR on their own operations, many might miss the impacts that other companies’ (namely, in this case, Google’s) compliance actions have on your data.”


Why Google Won’t Give Specific Meta Description Lengths

“The important thing to note is that Google has never given any specific character or word count for the meta description tags, even when they have increased the length in the past.  So it isn’t surprising they are continuing the same.

8 How to survive Google’s new local search world

“There are a lot of cases where we cannot do anything because the reviews don’t break Google’s review guidelines, but there are also many scenarios where it is likely Google will remove the negative reviews.”


Google Sues SEO Company Threatening To Remove Businesses From Google

“Google wrote “earlier this month, the Federal Trade Commission brought action against Point Break Media, LLC (and related entities and individuals) for misleading small businesses with threats to remove their listings from Google Search and Maps and demands that they pay for unwanted search optimization services.”


The Growing Emphasis on Accessibility and Inclusive User Experience

“Nearly every website usability audit or web design client I speak with places accessibility at the bottom of the pile of things to plan for. Educating them is part of every discussion. Like SEO, there is no shortage of myths.”


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