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What You Need to Know in the World of Inbound Marketing
August 2013, Issue #2

How to Create a Content Strategy (In Only 652 Steps)

“Forget about SEO and rankings. This is about content, which affects every inch of your marketing strategy. Content influences everything in marketing.”

Why is Facebook Blue? The Science of Color in Marketing

“Buffer’s Leo Widrich explains the importance of color in website and brand design.”

2013 Local Search Ranking Factors

“Another year, another increase in the complexity of local search results at Google.”

Is Search Still the Dominant Way People Answer Questions?

“It could mean that while social networks are extremely popular, people still rely on search engines for real questions.”

How Upvote/Downvote Sites like Reddit Breed Irrational Herd Behavior

“The last decade or more has been marked by an explosion of interest in aggregated opinion, and how we can use it to inform our own beliefs, ideas, and decisions.”

Secret Ingredients of Better Marketing

“A lot of what passes for marketing fails to capture its audience’s attention or interest. Yet some campaigns & some companies have extraordinary success.”

The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking

“Those who understand growth hacking will have a competitive advantage that is hard to overstate, and we wanted to provide a robust framework for thinking about it.”

Customer Support: Always Easy, Never Necessary

“Judge a company by how they treat customers, not prospects, because you’ll be a customer for a lot longer than you’ll be a lead in a pipeline.”

How I Built A Top 100 Blog In 12 Months & How You Can Do It Too!

“This is the story of how this blog became a Technorati Top 100 Business Blog in just 1 year.”

Product Review Vendors – Solutions to Fit Your eCommerce SEO Needs

“Choose the right solution for adding product reviews to your eCommerce website with a focus on search engine optimization.”

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